Our Channel Coverage.

With visits by our specialized teams of representatives to more than 9000 retailers and purchasers and more than 250 head offices, our expertise and services’ diversity is unique and recognized.


Our retail deployment allows to cover more than 950 prime grocery stores with focus on larger franchised outlets:

IGA, Metro, Provigo, Maxi, Super C, Walmart, Pasquier

Convenience and Gas

More than 4335 clients visited annually.
Coverage includes the following banners:

Couche-Tard, Petro-Canada, Bonisoir, Voisins, 7 jours, Sagamie, Beau-soir, Super Soir, Ultramar, Harnois


1200 clients visited with more than 9000 annual visits.

On 1200 stores, more than 1000 are franchised and need coverage.
We cover and build influence with pharmacists, cosmeticians and store managers

Food Service

Over 1000 end-users covered on a punctual base.

On Premise

More than 300 clients visited by our team of experts.

Organic and natural

The fastest growing sector with more than 300 retailers visited by our dedicated team.