About Us.

Established in 1932, CDL is today a modern and diversified company committed on providing comprehensive and turnkey marketing services for consumer packaged goods.

Recognized for the expertise, and motivation of our highly qualified employees, and assisted with the latest technology tools, we are a dynamic partner and business solution to our principals and clients’ business development objectives.

Our historical milestones.

The leadership and vision of its different owners has led the company to its current position and market strength with solid future.

  • 1932 Old Montreal, in 1932, is the setting in which Arthur Drouin opened his office and created the company.
  • 1955 Gérard Lefebvre becomes a partner and the company corporate name evolves to Drouin Lefebvre.
  • 1983 Jean-Claude Boisvert and Léon Lequin, both employees of Drouin Lefebvre, bought the company.
  • 1988 Jean-Claude Boisvert bought Léon Lequin’s shares and becomes the sole owner.
  • 1994 The company integrated a first competitor, WG Clark Inc., thus becoming Clark Drouin Lefebvre. In the same year, Yvan Normandeau and Pierre Taillebois joined forces to acquire the company and aggressively grow its services and principal base.
  • 2000 The company acquires a second competitor Courtier Provincial and uses their expertise to create a pharmacy department. Later on, CDL will expand into buy & sell, distribution, food service and natural and organic business services.
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Corporate DNA.

We have high expectations. Therefore, we carefully choose our staff. Teamwork is a priority principle to us and we advocate a professional and responsible approach in all situations.

We set ourselves apart especially with the quality of our execution in the field.

To provide the best services, we have invested in powerful and efficient technology tools.

Delivering and exceeding our goals are at the heart of our motivation.

Organizational Structure.

Marked Served.

CDL’s partners are supported by a team of experienced leaders all specialized in their own sector.

market coverage.

Our large account management team covers 100% of head offices located in the province of Quebec, and a significant and growing number of the most important head offices located outside of Quebec’s province.

On site, our teams of representatives are mainly based in Quebec where we cover 100% of the territory.